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/ Monday, April 7, 2014 /
It's no secret that I simply adore Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge (or Kate Middleton, as the media knows her still). I was glued to my laptop prior to sweet Prince George's arrival and woke up well before my normal waking hours in high school to watch the Royal Wedding. Super embarrassing fact: I've watched all of those mockumentaries detailing William and Kate's courtship. I still haven't quite given up on my dream of becoming a princess so Kate is an excellent role model.

Kate Middleton. Perfect black dress. Love this! She always looks so fab and I wish I had this dress!
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I'm also an avid reader of What Would Kate Do? and I'm a proud member of the Glosse Posse so my Twitter feed is constantly filled with duchess-related tweets. Kate has countless qualities that make her an ideal example of an LBD life, so in honor of the Cambridges' trip down under, I thought I'd compile a list of my favorite Kate traits!

1. Authenticity-I don't know about you, but I certainly thought it was brave of Kate to walk out of the hospital within a day of giving birth to dear Prince George and not worrying about hiding her post-postpartum baby belly. Previously, I had never quite thought about what a woman looks like after giving birth so I found it refreshing to see Kate show what new motherhood truly looks like. Of course, Kate was simply glowing!
Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
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2. Modesty-I know that the media has highlighted recently that Kate has had some wardrobe malfunctions with her shorter skirts blowing up in the wind and showing the royal thighs, but overall, I've always found that Kate dresses appropriately for the occasion and has even brought wearing pantyhose/stockings/whatever you want to call them back into fashion. I, for one, feel much better when I go to a fancier occasion and am wearing pantyhose. Much classier!

Some were born great. Some achieve greatness. And some have greatness thrust upon them!
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Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
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3. Dog lover-If you're a dog person and dogs like you, in my opinion, you're a stellar human being. Dogs are an excellent judge of character and Kate's relationship with Lupo is simply precious. Plus, the Cambridges' decision to include Lupo in their family photos completely touches my heart.
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4. Mother to the Prince of Chubby Cheeks-Can I just say that little Georgie may be the cutest baby ever? His cheeks are just begging for kisses. Such a darling family; I can't wait to see more of them during their tour!

Oh, and I thought I'd include this for fun :)
I love Kate Middleton, but some of the captions on this website are just too funny to pass up #katemiddletonforthewin
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